Send fax callback

When Phaxio is done processing your fax, it will post the job’s status to your send fax callback URL, if one is available. You can set up a send callback URL on the callbacks page in the web console, or specify one directly in your send API call.

If you’ve specified a global callback URL on the callbacks page and also make a send API call with a callback url specified, the API call’s URL will override the global one.

The callback HTTP request is a multipart POST and should be processed like a form submission.

If a callback fails, we will automatically retry the callback up to 16 times. There will be a backoff before each retry, which increases as follows:

Retry No. Backoff
1 5 minutes
2 10 minutes
3 20 minutes
4 30 minutes
5-16 6 hours

Request Parameters

Name Type Description
fax Fax Object The job's fax object.