Built for developers

Use the skills you already have and forget about learning how fax works. Our simple JSON API will have you up and faxing in no time.

Simple, pay as you go pricing

Pay for what you use. No monthly contract, cancel at any time. Also, there are no complicated rate decks and pricing calculations. Send and receive for just 7 cents per page.

Test easily

Use a test key in your staging or QA environment, and all API calls to Phaxio will be free!

Give us everything you've got

Stop worrying about busy signals and telephony related annoyances. With our advanced batching and collision avoidance features, you can send us as many pages as you need to and we'll make sure they get there.

Phone numbers

You can purchase as many numbers as you'd like. Use the API or the web portal, and search by area code.

Make your faxes pretty

Post us a URL or a string of HTML and we'll send it just like you'd see it in a webkit browser.

Sign up right now! It takes 10 seconds!

It cant get any easier! Dump this into your terminal to send a fax:

curl https://api.phaxio.com/v1/send \
  -F 'to=5551234567' \
  -F 'string_data=<h1>This is a fax</h1>' \
  -F 'string_data_type=html' \
  -F 'api_key=YOUR_API_KEY' \
  -F 'api_secret=YOUR_API_SECRET' \
# click here to learn more about our api