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January 06, 2021 by Howard Avner



January 06, 2021 by Howard Avner

Fraud sucks, end of story. To help you make sure that your application doesn’t get hit with fraud we’ve been working on some tools that can help you mitigate any extra costs from a fraudster getting a hold of your application. Phaxio allows you to block both inbound and outbound calls. For inbound calls you can set up rules to block calls from specific numbers or from anybody calling your number. The use case here might be that you don’t want to receive faxes either from a spammer (specific number) or you don’t want to receive faxes at all (perhaps...

Phaxio is joining Voyant!

August 02, 2018 by Howard Avner

I am really excited to announce that Phaxio has joined forces with the team at Voyant Communications! Voyant is a leading provider of business communication services for businesses and developers. Voyant offers both communication applications including fax to businesses and communication APIs to developers. Josh and I started Phaxio as a side project and it grew much larger we ever imagined. From early morning meetings helping Fortune 500 companies scale their faxing systems to late night calls with Y Combinator companies frantic to get their demos ready, our goal was to provide better service than anybody else. As we scaled...

Introducing an all-new Phaxio!

September 06, 2017 by Aaron Noel De Leon

Hey! We built new things for you. ✨ For the past few months, we’ve been rebuilding our platform to provide a seamless experience for our users. Today, we’re thrilled to formally launch the new console and Phaxio API v2. This is what happens when you attempt to make faxing cool. Meet the shiny, new console Working with a century-old technology shouldn’t feel slow and clunky. We rebuilt the Phaxio console from the ground up to give you a delightful user experience. Here are some of the changes we're introducing to the new console: Easier, faster navigation Console-wide balance and recharge...

Resending faxes

May 08, 2017 by Howard Avner

Sometimes you need to resend a fax. Maybe you sent a copy of the contract last week but it was misplaced. Maybe the order got lost. Now you need to find it, and resend it. Well, we’ve got just the thing: the resend fax operation. Whichever version of the API you’re using, resending faxes is incredibly easy. In the v2 API simply append the faxID and /resend when making your API call. Further, you can provide a callback URL for us to ping when the fax is complete. For v1, make an API call to /resendFax with the fax ID...

Don't Want to Lose Faxes? Tag Them.

February 17, 2017 by Howard Avner

Phaxio allows you to tag faxes in your API request so that you can more easily associate them with your workflow. Rather than logging a Phaxio fax id and creating logic to associate that ID with a user in your system, you can now tag fax with a token that your system already understands. Say that you’re a logistics company that faxes logbook records for truck drivers. Each driver in your system may have a driver_id and client_id. Now, rather than linking a particular fax id to a driver_id, you can simply tag the fax with the driver_id in your...

Phaxio Joins National Forest Foundation

February 06, 2017 by Howard Avner

At Phaxio we like to think that we’re helping the environment by encouraging people to move from old school fax machines that print out paper to newer electronic faxing options. Still, with Phaxio sending millions of faxes per month there is sure to be an environmental impact. We considered how we could at least offset the paper that people might be using due to faxing and came up with a plan. Starting this year, we’ve committed to planting at least 5,000 trees across the US. However, since the Johnny Appleseed approach to foresting might not be well received, we partnered...

Tips for creating faxable documents

June 28, 2016 by Howard Avner

Faxing is a bit different than standard printing. When you’re at home, you know what type of printer you have and it’s quirks. This isn’t a matter of inkjet v. laser, but know how the printed document looks, especially those with images. When it comes to faxing you have no idea what kind of machine will actually print your document: it could be a state-of-the-art fax server or a broken down multi-function device. At Phaxio we want your faxes to print perfectly every time, regardless of the machine. Below are a couple of guidelines that will optimize your fax documents...

2FA and new security features

March 29, 2016 by Howard Avner

Security is something that we take very seriously at Phaxio. In the last few months we’ve been systematically evaluating our systems from a security standpoint. In July we began enforcing HTTPS across all API operations and the Phaxio website. In December Phaxio began cryptographically signing all callbacks so that you can be sure that your correspondence with Phaxio certified (more on this later). Today we’re taking it another step further by rolling out two-factor authentication. To help with our implementation we’ve teamed up with Authy, the Twilio’s two-factor authentication service. We recommend that you download and setup the Authy app...

Searching your logs by status

March 08, 2016 by Howard Avner

Today at Phaxio we’re releasing a new version of the logs page. The new logs page lets you filter not only by date, time and successful faxes as it did in the past, but by any of the possible Phaxio statuses. You can check out more about the types of Phaxio statuses here. It’s probably obvious to you why it’s important to be able to filter logs by success and failure, but you might wonder how to achieve a “partial success.” A partial success occurs when you send the same document to multiple recipients in one API request. For example,...

Simulating failed faxes

February 01, 2016 by Howard Avner

Until now test faxes at Phaxio could only result in a “successful” fax. Of course you already know that Phaxio gives you the ability to simulate faxes passing through our systems using test API credentials. (For more on test credentials go here.) But what if you need to test what your application would do if the fax failed? Simply add test_fail as a parameter in your API call and add an error type (found here). For example, if you want to simulate a fax failing due to a document conversion issue, you can use test_fail=documentConversionError in your send call. Have...

Official .NET Library Released

January 26, 2016 by Josh Nankin

Today we're announcing the release of our official .NET library for Phaxio! C# is perhaps one of the most widely used languages to interact with Phaxio and has been the next most requested official library. You can also use the library in your Visual Basic .NET application. The library implements all 15 API operations, is well documented, and is available as a NuGet package. To install simply: Install-Package Phaxio Sending a fax is as easy as: var phaxio = new PhaxioClient(key, secret); var pdf = new FileInfo("APathToAFile.pdf"); var fax = phaxio.CreateFax(); fax.Send("888-123-4567", pdf); You can find the source and documentation...

The "How" and "Why" of Test API Credentials

January 19, 2016 by Howard Avner

One of the most misunderstood features of Phaxio is what happens when you use test API credentials. If you’ve been using test credentials and your faxes aren’t printing out at a fax machine, don’t panic. That’s what’s _supposed_ to happen. If you are using test API credentials Phaxio will simulate sending or receiving a fax through the Phaxio system. This means that we won’t make phone calls and nothing will print at any fax machine. Phaxio will give you a fax ID as well and everything else that you would expect to happen will occur except for there will be...
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