1. Are there advertisements on the faxes I send?

No. Absolutely not.

2. How much does using Phaxio cost?

Phaxio pricing is simple: 7 cents a page. No monthly fees. No hidden charges. We also offer volume pricing rates. Click here for more on that.

3. What about monthly minimums or setup fees?

There are no set monthly account fees or setup fees.

4. How can I add money to my Phaxio account?

You can add funds to your account in increments of $10 or more. The $10 minimum helps us keep the costs of Phaxio competitive.

5. Can I be charged automatically?

Yes. You can choose to recharge your account automatically when it drops below a chosen threshold.

6. How long is my contract with Phaxio?

You can shut down your Phaxio account at any time, without any termination fees. Just send us an email at support@phaxio.com.

7. Can I send a fax to any machine?

Yes. You can send a fax to any machine with a 10-digit phone number in the United States or Canada, or any destinations in our currently supported countries.

8. What phone number can I use to receive faxes?

You can purchase as many phone numbers as you’d like from us on the Phone Numbers page. If you don’t want to purchase a number, you can send faxes to the general Phaxio number at 1 (877) 334-6654 and as long as you have a PhaxCode from your account somewhere in the first 5 pages of the document, we’ll be able to deliver it to you successfully. In this scenario, the PhaxCode allows us to determine which user should receive the fax.

9. Does Phaxio support revenue share numbers?

A revenue share number is a premium rate phone number that generates revenue for the called party. These numbers are extremely susceptible to fraud and abuse. At this time, Phaxio does not support sending traffic to any of these numbers.

10. Is Phaxio HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, if you follow a few simple steps and guidelines. Click here to learn more.

11. What filetypes does Phaxio support?

Currently we support: doc, docx, pdf, tif, jpg, odt, txt, html and png. If you need another type, email us.

12. What happens if my callback URL is down? Do you retry callbacks if they fail?

Absolutely. If Phaxio cannot reach your callback URL initially, we’ll try back in the following intervals: five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes, and then every six hours for the next three days. (We’re a persistent bunch!) Of course, you can always manually trigger a callback by navigating to a fax in the web console and clicking the “Manually trigger callback” button.

13. What payment methods does Phaxio accept?

Phaxio accepts all Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB cards.

14. Does the API have any rate limits?

Yes, Phaxio accounts can make one API request per-second. If your application requires more, please reach out and let us know.

15. How does fraud work?

Phaxio allows you to block calls via API and UI as well as rotate your API credentials if your account is compromised. However, if your account makes excessive fraudulent calls then Phaxio may retroactively deduct a part of cost of those calls from your balance.

16. I have an infrequently asked question.

Gangster. Shoot us an email at support@phaxio.com.

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