Official .NET Library Released

Today we're announcing the release of our official .NET library for Phaxio! C# is perhaps one of the most widely used languages to interact with Phaxio and has been the next most requested official library.

You can also use the library in your Visual Basic .NET application. The library implements all 15 API operations, is well documented, and is available as a NuGet package.

To install simply:

Install-Package Phaxio

Sending a fax is as easy as:

var phaxio = new PhaxioClient(key, secret);
var pdf = new FileInfo("APathToAFile.pdf");
var fax = phaxio.CreateFax();
fax.Send("888-123-4567", pdf);

You can find the source and documentation for the library here and see the NuGet package here.

We’re working on updating all of our client libraries to greatly ease developer interaction with the API. Is there a language or technology that you’d like to see Phaxio officially support? Drop a line and let us know!

Start sending faxes right now!

We'll give you an API test key that you can use in your staging environment for free, and unlimited API calls.

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