Don't Want to Lose Faxes? Tag Them.

Phaxio allows you to tag faxes in your API request so that you can more easily associate them with your workflow. Rather than logging a Phaxio fax id and creating logic to associate that ID with a user in your system, you can now tag fax with a token that your system already understands.

Say that you’re a logistics company that faxes logbook records for truck drivers. Each driver in your system may have a driver_id and client_id. Now, rather than linking a particular fax id to a driver_id, you can simply tag the fax with the driver_id in your Phaxio send fax request. When the fax completes, the Phaxio callback request will include the driver_id in the fax object!

Better yet, let’s say that you tagged faxes with both the driver_id and the client_id. Then, if a particular company asked for a log of all faxes sent in the previous month, rather than sifting through thousands of fax ids, you can query either your system or Phaxio for the client_id. This can save your staff hours of time and frustration.

You can include up to 10 tags per request. For more information, check out the docs page.

Like most other great features in Phaxio, tagging was requested by one of our clients. If there’s a feature you’d like to see, let us know!

Happy Tagging!

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