Phaxio Joins National Forest Foundation

At Phaxio we like to think that we’re helping the environment by encouraging people to move from old school fax machines that print out paper to newer electronic faxing options. Still, with Phaxio sending millions of faxes per month there is sure to be an environmental impact.

We considered how we could at least offset the paper that people might be using due to faxing and came up with a plan. Starting this year, we’ve committed to planting at least 5,000 trees across the US. However, since the Johnny Appleseed approach to foresting might not be well received, we partnered up with the National Forest Foundation. The NFF is the only organization specifically dedicated and congressionally directed to the conservation and restoration of America’s National Forests.

We’re excited (and hoping) to increase our commitment to this great cause. If you’d like to get involved with the NFF’s Trees For US program, let us know or reach out directly to the NFF here:

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