Searching your logs by status

Today at Phaxio we’re releasing a new version of the logs page. The new logs page lets you filter not only by date, time and successful faxes as it did in the past, but by any of the possible Phaxio statuses. You can check out more about the types of Phaxio statuses here.

It’s probably obvious to you why it’s important to be able to filter logs by success and failure, but you might wonder how to achieve a “partial success.”

A partial success occurs when you send the same document to multiple recipients in one API request. For example, your request might look like this:

curl \
    -F 'to[]=4141234567' \
    -F 'to[]=5558884567' \
    -F 'filename=@/path/to/a/supported/file' \
    -F 'api_key=API_KEY' \
    -F 'api_secret=API_SECRET'

Although you’re sending to multiple phone numbers, Phaxio will only create one fax ID. While the fax to one recipient may succeed the other may fail. As there’s only one faxID and it would be misleading to mark it as either a success or failure, Phaxio considers it a “partial success.”

It is important to note that a partial success does not mean that the document itself was partially sent successfully (i.e. 3 pages sent successfully in a five page document). In fact, in this scenario Phaxio will consider the call as failed and attempt to resend the document again.

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