Phaxio is joining Voyant!

I am really excited to announce that Phaxio has joined forces with the team at Voyant Communications! Voyant is a leading provider of business communication services for businesses and developers. Voyant offers both communication applications including fax to businesses and communication APIs to developers.

Josh and I started Phaxio as a side project and it grew much larger we ever imagined. From early morning meetings helping Fortune 500 companies scale their faxing systems to late night calls with Y Combinator companies frantic to get their demos ready, our goal was to provide better service than anybody else. As we scaled the company our mission remained the same — provide excellent service, be transparent to users and never stop moving forward. The same mission is true at Voyant.

Our entire team will be joining Voyant and we will continue developing Phaxio with the vision of making business communication services easily and intuitively accessible via both applications and APIs.

What will this mean to you and your application as a Phaxio developer?

Not much. We will continue to support and upgrade the Phaxio API, shipping features to make faxing from your application as easy and effortless as possible. We’re excited to offer our users carrier-level service with better access to a nationwide network, a 24x7 operations team and a much larger inventory of phone numbers.

I know most of our clients by name and have personally spoken to many of you. Making sure your experience is the best it can be is of utmost importance to our team and we intend to make sure it only gets better.

Yours truly,

Howard Avner
Co-Founder, Phaxio
Director of Product API, Voyant

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