Tips for creating faxable documents

Faxing is a bit different than standard printing. When you’re at home, you know what type of printer you have and it’s quirks. This isn’t a matter of inkjet v. laser, but know how the printed document looks, especially those with images. When it comes to faxing you have no idea what kind of machine will actually print your document: it could be a state-of-the-art fax server or a broken down multi-function device.

At Phaxio we want your faxes to print perfectly every time, regardless of the machine. Below are a couple of guidelines that will optimize your fax documents and make sure that they are delivered as you intend.

  1. Don’t use colors! We know you’d love to put a huge color logo on every page, but most fax machines will convert colors to grayscale. This reduces legibility and increases transmission times.
  2. Don’t put backgrounds around text. Instead, use bold text and a border. Solid backgrounds might look great in color, but when everything gets converted to grayscale, your text will be difficult to read. More importantly, if you are using our monochrome option, the text might disappear completely!
  3. Don’t center your content on the page. Make your content flow to the edge of the bleed and Phaxio will handle adding the appropriate margins.

Happy faxing!

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