Your Phaxio logs, now in the Chrome Omnibox!

Perhaps the greatest feature of Google Chrome is it’s omnibox. In case you don’t currently use Chrome or otherwise don’t know the terminology, the “omnibox” is what Google calls Chrome’s address bar. Why omnibox? Besides for being used to find web addresses, the omnibox can also search the web, predict your keywords, find pictures, and in our case, query your Phaxio logs.

Before you start typing fax ID’s into your omnibox, you’ll need to install the Phaxio Chrome extension. You can grab it here. It’s completely free, installs in seconds, and it’s totally awesome.

Once installed type Phaxio into your omnibox and hit tab. This should activate a little blue rectangle in your omnibox that says “Phaxio Omnibox Search.” Now you can query Phaxio using the same methods you would use on the Phaxio logs page!

Type #1234 to view a fax with ID 1234, or type a phone number to view all faxes to that phone number. If you have faxes with a tag called “orderId”, you can type “orderId:5678” to find all faxes tagged with that value. But that’s not all. Need to download a fax in a hurry? Just enter a fax ID with a “v” before it (the “v” is symbolic of a download arrow) and voila, a PDF downloads right away!

Have a happy new year!

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