Delete a fax or document files



Request Parameters

Name Type Description
id int The fax ID of the fax you wish to delete
files_only boolean If true, Phaxio will only delete the stored document files for the fax, but not record of the fax itself.
api_key string Your api key
api_secret string Your api secret


A JSON object with success and message attributes.

Sample Call

curl \
    -F 'id=123456' \
    -F 'api_key=API_KEY' \
    -F 'api_secret=API_SECRET'

Sample Response

    "message":"Deleted fax successfully!"


Only records of test faxes can be fully deleted. If a fax was sent or received with a live API key or Phaxio phone number, only the stored files of the fax can be deleted with files_only=true.