Barcoding with Phaxio

Using barcodes is a common way of automatically determining the contents of a document and being able to route the document appropriately in your application.

For instance, imagine that you work at a hospital and want to advertise a fax number on the hospital website. This number will begin to receive a lot of traffic with all sorts of different kinds of forms and information requests. You need a solution to automatically route specific forms and documents to the correct department and stakeholder. Your application can automatically generate barcodes and include them on forms that will likely be faxed in.

Phaxio will scan all pages of all incoming faxes for Code-128 and DataMatrix barcodes and include this information in webhook requests and via the API.

Phaxio also offers a hosted barcoding solution called “PhaxCodes”. A PhaxCode is a Code-128 1D barcode that Phaxio generates and can be associated with user metadata. This metadata is then included in webhooks and via the API when a PhaxCode is detected. Your application can take use this information for routing or processing the document.

Ideally PhaxCodes should be used through the API, but you can also manage your PhaxCodes in the Phaxio UI. For example, you can use the phax_codes resource, or you can download a PhaxCode in the Phaxio web UI.