Create Port Order





Request Parameters

Name Type Description
port_numbers Array of E.164 Phone Numbers The phone numbers to port.
contact_number E.164 Phone Number The contact number for the order.
contact_email String The email address for the order.
account_identifier String The identifier for the account associated with the numbers.
name_on_account String Name on the account for the numbers.
name_of_business String Name of business for the numbers.
provider_name String Name of provider for the numbers.
port_type String Type of numbers to be ported. Either "business" or "residential".
port_out_pin String The PIN or password needed to port out the numbers.
has_bill Boolean Indicates that you have and will provide a bill in a response to the porting confirmation email. If true, the following billing fields are not required.
billing_number E.164 Phone Number The phone number associated with your billing informaton. Required unless has_bill is true.
billing_address1 String The first line of your billing address. Required unless has_bill is false.
billing_address2 String The second line of your billing address.
billing_city String The city for your billing address.
billing_state String The state for your billing address.
billing_zip String The ZIP code for your billing address.
legal_agreement Boolean Indicates agreement that the information provided is correct and that you have legal authorization to port this number.
esig String Electronic signature used to sign the order.


A JSON object with success, message, and data attributes. The data attribute is a Port Order Object.

Sample Call

curl \
  -F 'port_numbers[]=+15551112222' \
  -F 'port_numbers[]=+15553334444' \
  -F 'contact_number=+15551231234' \
  -F '' \
  -F 'account_identifier=1234567' \
  -F 'name_on_account=Alice Acme' \
  -F 'port_type=business' \
  -F 'port_out_pin=1234' \
  -F 'has_bill=true' \
  -F 'legal_agreement=true' \
  -F 'esig=true

Sample Response

  "success": true,
  "message": "Port order created",
  "data": {
    "id": 1234,
    "contact_number": "+15551231234",
    "contact_email": "",
    "account_identifier": "1234567",
    "name_on_account": "Alice Acme",
    "name_of_business": "Acme",
    "provider_name": "Example Provider",
    "port_type": "business",
    "port_out_pin": "1234",
    "billing_number": "+15551231234",
    "billing_address1": "123 Test St.",
    "billing_address2": null,
    "billing_city": "Test City",
    "billing_state": "IL",
    "billing_zip": 12345,
    "esig": "Alice Acme",
    "status": "open",
    "quantity": 1,
    "created_at": "2021-07-07T18:56:04.590+00:00",
    "updated_at": "2021-07-07T18:56:04.590+00:00",
    "completed_at": null,
    "requested_for": null,
    "bill_received_at": null,
    "port_numbers" [
        "id": 1234,
        "port_number": "+15551112222",
        "status": "open"
        "id": 5678,
        "port_number": "+15553334444",
        "status": "open"