Resend a fax





where ID is the ID number of the fax to resend

Request Parameters

Name Type Description
callback_url URL This parameter may be used to set a different callback URL for the new fax.

By default, if a callback URL was specified for the original fax, then it will be used for the new fax. If one wasn’t specified, then the current account-wide send callback URL setting will be used. However, a different callback URL can be used for the new fax by using the callback_url parameter.


A JSON object with success, message, and data attributes. The data attribute contains the fax ID of the new fax.

Sample Call

curl -X POST \

Sample Response

    "message":"Fax queued for resending",


Phaxio can only resend faxes that have files stored on our platform. The resend operation will fail if you have long term file storage disabled or deleted files for a given fax.