API v2 Changelog

We focused on making API v2 more consistent and standards-based. Here’s a list of changes and improvements from the previous version.

  • It’s RESTful; objects such as faxes, phone numbers are treated as resources which can be created and queried using standard HTTP methods.
  • It supports HTTP authentication.
  • All resource lists (faxes, phone numbers, area codes, supported countries) are paginated.
  • For sending faxes, the parameter for uploading a file is now named file (from filename) and the parameter for using a content URL is named content_url; there is no longer a string_data parameter.
  • Fax files are treated as sub-resources of faxes, simplifying the interface for accessing them. See getting fax file content.
  • All timestamps are in RFC 3339 format (e.g. 2016-01-20T11:28:52.000-06:00), which is both human and machine-readable and makes the timezone offset clear.
  • All phone numbers are in E.164 format (e.g. +14141234567).
  • All requests which accept an area code parameter also require a country or country code.
  • The supported countries list returns more info, including support level for sending and receiving and includes countries with beta level support.