Provision a number



Provision a phone number that you can use to receive faxes in your Phaxio account.


Name Type Description
area_code integer The area code of the number you'd like to provision.
callback_url URL A callback URL that we'll post to when a fax is received by this number. This will override the global receive callback URL, if you have one specified.
api_key string Your api key
api_secret string Your api secret


A JSON object with success, message, and data attributes. The data attribute holds a Phone Number Object for the number just provisioned.

Sample Call

curl \
    -F 'area_code=847' \
    -F 'api_key=API_KEY' \
    -F 'api_secret=API_SECRET'

Sample Response

    "message":"Number provisioned successfully!",
        "last_billed_at":"2013-11-12 11:39:05",
        "provisioned_at":"2013-11-12 11:39:05"