Receive fax callback

When a fax is received, Phaxio will post information about the fax (including any metadata received from PhaxCodes) along with a PDF of the fax to your receive fax callback URL, if one is available. You can set up a receive callback URL on the callbacks page in the web console, or define URLs individually per phone number.

If you’ve specified a global callback URL on the callbacks page and also specify one on a phone number, the phone number’s callback URL will override the global one.

The callback HTTP request is a multipart POST and should be processed like a form submission. The PDF of the received fax will be contained in a file upload part of the request named ‘filename’. Click here to see an example of an actual Receive Fax callback request as captured by Runscope.

If a callback fails, we will automatically retry the callback up to 16 times. There will be a backoff before each retry, which increases as follows:

Retry No. Backoff
1 5 minutes
2 10 minutes
3 20 minutes
4 30 minutes
5-16 6 hours

Request Parameters

Name Type Description
success boolean Was the fax received successfully?
is_test boolean Is this callback as a result of a test call?
direction string The direction of the fax (in this case, 'received'). Useful if you use the same callback URL for both sent and receive confirmations.
fax Fax Object The job's fax object.
metadata string The metadata associated with the PhaxCode that you specified.
message string The error message if the fax was unsuccessful.