List area codes available for purchasing numbers



Displays a list of area codes available for purchasing Phaxio numbers. This operation requires no authentication and can be used without passing an API key.


Name Type Description
is_toll_free boolean Will only return toll free area codes
state string A two character state or province abbreviation (e.g. IL or YT). Will only return area codes available for this state.


A JSON object with success, message, and data attributes. The data attribute contains a map of area codes to city and state.

Sample Call

curl -X POST

Sample Response

    "success": true,
    "message": "295 area codes available.",
    "data": [
        "201": {
            "city": "Bayonne, Jersey City, Union City",
            "state": "New Jersey"
        "202": {
            "city": "Washington",
            "state": "District Of Columbia"
        } // ... a lot more area codes here