Test receiving a fax





direction parameter may be specified in URL or POST body. May only be used with test API credentials.

Request Parameters

Name Type Description
direction String Set to received to receive test fax.
file Binary Stream A PDF file to simulate receiving.
from_number Phone Number The phone number of the simulated sender in E.164 format. Default is the public Phaxio fax number.
to_number Phone Number The phone number, in E.164 format, that is receiving the fax. Specifically, a Phaxio phone number you have purchased in your account that is "receiving" the fax, or the public Phaxio fax number. Default is the public Phaxio fax number.


A JSON object with success and message attributes.

Sample Call

curl https://api.phaxio.com/v2.1/faxes \
    -F 'direction=received' \
    -F 'file=@/path/to/a/PDF/file/containing/a/PhaxCode'

Sample Response

    "message":"Test fax received from +18773346654 to +18773346654.  Calling back now..."