API Versioning

Beginning with version 2.1.0, we are adopting a new versioning scheme for the Phaxio API. While superficially similar to Semantic Versioning, there are crucial differences.

API versions will now have the following format: CORE.MAJOR.MINOR.

Updates in either the CORE or MAJOR segment are considered breaking. The difference between the two is philosophical, with a core update indicating a fundamental change, and a major update indicating an improvement. Either way, existing client code is unlikely to work with the new version without updates.

Updates in the MINOR segment indicate non-breaking changes. Changes that are considered non-breaking include adding an action, adding an optional request parameter, adding a response parameter, and adding an object attribute.

Client Library Versioning

Client libraries should follow Semantic Versioning. Their version numbers are unrelated to those of the Phaxio API.