String Data Rendering

Use the string_data parameter in the send operation to pass Phaxio a string you’d like to convert for sending by fax. There are 3 neat types of strings you can send: text, html, and url. Be sure to include the data type in the string_data_type parameter.


Pretty simple. This is just plain old text.


We’ll take an HTML string and render it with a webkit engine. It’ll look just like it would if you viewed in Google Chrome. A few tips:

  1. When using image tags, make sure their src attributes are publicly accessible absolute URLs
  2. Try to make sure your HTML is well formatted. Our renderer will correct most mistakes, but some severe ones will throw an error.


Give us any URL on the Internet (including ones with basic authentication), and we’ll pull it down and make it a fax. This might be useful to you if you’re using a web framework for templating and creating fancy fax files.


If you are passing Phaxio a secure URL (starting with https://), make sure that your SSL certificate (including your intermediate cert. if you have one) is installed properly, valid, and up to date.