API Changelog

Version 2.1

  • Received faxes now contain a barcodes attribute if barcodes are scanned in the document. Phaxio now detects all DataMatrix and Code-128 barcodes in all pages of a fax. PhaxCodes are also scanned and contained in this attribute.
  • Caller ID (CNAM) support is now available and is returned by the API and in webhooks.
  • Parameter authentication is now unsupported and all credentials must be passed in the HTTP Authorization header.

With this version we have changed our policy with regard to versioning. Starting with 2.1, additions are no longer considered breaking changes. Accordingly, client libraries should accept additional parameters without failure. Developers who don’t make use of our client libraries should keep the possibility of unexpected parameters in mind when consuming our API.

Version 2

  • Objects such as faxes, phone numbers are treated as resources which can be created and queried using standard HTTP methods
  • Supports [HTTP authentication] (/docs/api/v2/intro/authentication)
  • All resource lists (faxes, phone numbers, area codes, supported countries) are paginated
  • Fax files are treated as sub-resources of faxes, simplifying the interface for accessing them
  • All timestamps are in RFC 3339 format (e.g. “2016-01-20T11:28:52.000-06:00”), which is both human and machine-readable and makes the timezone offset clear
  • All phone numbers are in E.164 format (e.g. “+14141234567”)
  • All requests which accept an area code parameter also require a country or country code
  • The supported countries list returns more info, including support level for sending and receiving and includes countries with “beta” level support