API Proxy Service

Our API proxy service is now available at http://apiproxy.phaxio.com. This is a service you can use to test out Phaxio using the same code you already are using for other providers. Just change your API endpoint, username, and password and you’re in business!

You can find the code for our proxy service on Github. Please let us know if you have any issues with the service by filing issues directly on the Github repository, or by email at support@phaxio.com. f you would like to see another third party service implemented in our proxy, please contact us.


You can access the web service that mimics Interfax at http://apiproxy.phaxio.com/interfax/wsdl. Substitute your Interfax username for your Phaxio API key and Interfax password for your Phaxio API secret.

The following operations are implemented:

  • sendfax
  • sendCharFax
  • getFaxImage
  • cancelFax
  • faxStatusEx - (Caveat: LastTransactionID must be a fax that exists in your account)