Phaxio Twilio API Proxy

Point your HTTP application to our Twilio API Proxy and make requests formatted with Twilio using your Phaxio API keys to send faxes!

How to use

Simply point your application SDK and/or codebase to and make requests just as you would to Twilio. For authentication, use your Phaxio API Key in place of Twilio’s “Account Sid” and your Phaxio API Secret in place of Twilio’s “Auth Token”

Ruby Example:

require 'rubygems' 
require 'twilio-ruby' 
account_sid = ENV['PHAXIO_API_KEY'] 
auth_token = ENV['PHAXIO_API_SECRET'] 
@client =, auth_token) 
@client.fax.instance_variable_set(:@host, '') 
@client.fax.instance_variable_set(:@base_url, '') 

fax = @client.fax.faxes.create( 
   from: '+12016800137', 
   to: '+12063391828', 
   media_url: '' 

Other SDK examples forthcoming, but essentially you just need to either alter the SDK or monkey patch it at runtime to send requests to the base URL